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A Regions bank representative spent almost thirty minutes with me rectifying one problem and then walking me through the process of transferring money via Western Union from my personal bank account to my daughter in France. I copied down the number that was required for my daughter to be able to retrieve the money, sent it to her, and felt so relieved to have completed the procedure with little trouble or cost.

It was only later that my blood pressure shot sky high. When my daughter traveled to a Western Union location in Paris, she was told that her number was not correct and that there was no record of the money transfer in their system. She messaged me and I double checked the number; they double checked the number and still no record. I tried to log onto my bank account to see if the money had been deducted and to double check the number in my "transfer history." I got an error message every time I tried to log on.

I called the online banking number and the password was reset and I tried to log on again. No luck. I called back to an online banking customer service representative, and I was told that my account had been locked for security purposes. I explained the situation and she told me I would have to go to my local bank to get my account reinstated.

Long story; short: Regions Bank offers Western Union transfers, but if you make one, they will lock your bank account because there has been some fraud. You will not receive a phone call or an email asking for you to verify your transfer; they will just not send the money and they will not let you know that the money your daughter really needed at a particular time will not be available to her and in addition, you will have to travel to your local bank and reinstate the account that you were not responsible for locking up. Regions Bank has rewritten what it means to offer customer service.

They are the worst and whoever wrote that *** opening of "and who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today" needs to go back to 5th grade grammar school and learn that it should be "and with whom do I have the pleasure." After hearing that five times today, there was definitely no pleasure, and I resented that there was no spontaneity or feeling of personal service to their scripted voices.

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Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil #594807

This is exactly my experience trying to do a transfer via online banking from Brazil to a person in the US. My online access was blocked and I was told that I would have to personally go to a Regions branch to get it un-blocked - meaning that I would have to pay for a round trip ticket from Brazil to the US and back!!!

I was finally able to get this resolved, thanks to a person at the US branch who knows me, but this is COMPLETELY unacceptable.

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