For all the people who seem to think that the Regions of today is the old version of Regions,well they are wrong. Most Regions people were removed and let go, or if they stay they are treated poorly.

Customer services is horrible, the system in which they work in totally antique (Amsouth's system by the way) they are also the reason for changes in the way your deposits go in. I never have in all my life seen where a bank is no longer worried about the employees and customers and all they want is to batter their employees, managers, to as they say!!!!

SELL SELL SELL!!!!!! So if they ever get bought out I hope the bank that buys them out treats the Amsouth employees as they have treated the Regions people.

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Regions doesn't treat employees or customers any different than any large corporation. These companies are in the business to make money for their shareholders.

Management is taught to sell all goods and services offer by the company and are than held accountable for their production. If more management would take ownership of their facilities there would be no need for employees to be replaced.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #69495

regions bank is very harsh on employees to make quotas at the customers expense, new management demands we take money from customers checking accounts to pay chargeoffs, regardless if it will cause more fees and negative balances. just take the money is their motto.

to ex regions bank employee Orlando, Florida, United States #728889

I agree that Regions Bank is unfair to their employees. I worked for this bank for over 5 years and always met goals and followed all the unethical rules thrown my way.....

For what???? so they can turn around and blame me for their unethical practices when I finally had enough and voiced by opinion. They do not care about the customer either. Sell, Sell, Sell and defraud, defraud, defraud.....

Making associates cross sell products that are not beneficial to the client only to the bank. Not right at all!!!!

So if you want to work for a company that does not value honesty and integrity this is the place for you to work!

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