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I have paid $1512.00 in overdraft charges since I opened my Regions Checking account in 02/01/2012. I paid all my bills with electronic checks from regions online banking on 03/01/2013.

I set up reacquiring payments for those monthly bills on 03/04/2013 to start 04/03/2013. I made an error and paid a $100.00 utility bill as a one-time payment, and to be sent out immediately on 03/04/2013. Ordinarily the bank returns electronic checks without a fee if the funds are not available. In this cause they paid the error because I had over 8 small pending transactions that had not posted to the account yet.

They ended up charging me $288.00 for all the 8 pending transactions once they posted. The bank robbed me for $288.00. I complained for three days straight and they reversed $144.00 of the charges. I am pursuing justice through the judicial system.

I am looking to change the banking regulation regarding pending transactions and overdraft fees. I requested a copy of my transaction logs to see when the overdraft debit card transactions were initiated at each merchant as evidence for my case from my local Regions branch in Snellville, GA. The branch manager claimed he had not been approved for that type of access to bank accounts. The branch manager referred me the electronic banking department to assist me with my request.

I spoke with several supervisors from several call centers. The call center supervisors all said they have access to the information I requested, but could not send the branch the information to give me. I am PISSED at Regions Bank. I will pursue justice for all Americans can be protected from the Banks bogus overdraft charges.

“An injustice anywhere, threatens justice everywhere". (Martin Luther King JR.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Regions Bank Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $1512.

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Try saving money might help..............

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, United States #1028832

You can't even talk so no comment.


Listen, most of us go through this until we learn to take responsibility for our own mistakes. 1- if you call real nice, instead of mad, you explain to them you made an honest mistake, they will refund the charges, at least once a year.

Try not to stay so low in money available, or use cash to pay for small things.

We all have to look for ways to correct our money spending to a point where is efficient and responsible. Remember all these "mistakes" do harm your credit and you will need to have it nice and clean once you decide to settle.

Wish you the best in this financial learning.

Naples, Florida, United States #620746

I MADE AN ERROR is all I had to read.

When you learn to balance your checkbook, and learn how to manager your account, and learn to read the instructions and disclosures that come when you open the account, then you will be old enough to have a bank account. Do not spend money you do not have and you will NEVER have an overdraft charge.

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